Our Content Management System


The CWS Tech Group Team has recently launched our own content management System.

            What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Many web companies use some form of CMS as a back end for dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are sites designed to have their information changed on a regular basis. A CMS is a database system that stores information that can be displayed on a website. This enables quick and easy changes to a website's content without having to edit the code itself.

Content management systems can also be used to create sites that the clients can edit themselves without having any programming skills or training.

            Why build our own CMS?

So why did we build our own system? Aren't there systems that are already built available to purchase? The answer is simple: flexibility, reliability, and features. There are several CMS systems available, some of them are good, others are not, but all have limitations. By building our own CMS we were able to build in the features that we knew our clients wanted and needed. With our team's programming and database experience, we created an efficient system that can be expanded to meet our clients' future needs, hence we are not limited to someone else's vision of what is needed. We can create it as we and our clients need it.

            Why is this important for CWS Clients?

Most of CWS's new sites are built using our Content Management System. This allows us to build sites with a high level of functionality in a very short period of time at the lowest possible cost.

More importantly it allows our clients to add, update, and delete the information on their website, whenever they want, and all without any programming training. It also allows for a surprising amount of flexibility in the layout of many of the pages on their website. If you can use Microsoft Word©, you can edit your website.

            What if I do not have the time or want to edit my own website?

For those customers who are not comfortable editing their websites, or who simply do not have the time, CWS will be happy to edit your site for a small administrative fee, much below the standard programming rates.

Created by CWS Tech Group